..dari peri gigi dengan cinta...

...and it's closed.

Saat matahari semakin terasa menyengat panas
Saat hujan tak henti membasahi dingin
Saat hembusan angin tak lagi terasa lembut
Saat hening tak lagi datang menemani lelah

[Finding solace, finding solace somewhere
Seeking comfort, seeking comfort somewhere]


baca selengkapnya... ...and it's closed.

gies kamu ke mana? [saya kembali]

Saya di sini..sebenarnya saya tidak ke mana-mana saya hanya di sini. Pulang kampung, dan untuk selamanya…[mungkin].

Memang untuk beberapa waktu terakhir ini saya merasa lelah ngeblog. Mungkin 100 postingan membuat saya kelelahan sehingga menjadi bisu untuk kembali berceloteh menarikan kata-kata di sini..dengan beberapa kesibukan dalam kehidupan nyata menjadi alasan…

Hmm...tapi apakah segala kesibukan itu sudah mereda? hihihi itu dia, jawabnya masih belum. Tapi iya, saya sudah rindu sekali untuk kembali berceloteh di sini…

Saya rindu ngeblog..karena itu saya kembali…

Hai, apa kabar semuanya?

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baca selengkapnya... gies kamu ke mana? [saya kembali]

kalau Virgo pulang kampung [selamanya]

Maaf, ini mungkin adalah postingan terakhir saya di tahun ini, dan belum tahu kapan bisa kembali posting seperti biasa dan blogwalking lagi seperti biasa. Maklum lagi disibukkan dengan proses pulang kampung, packing sana packing sini, sibuuuk deh! hehe...
but, i'll be back! i promise!!

Terimakasih buat teman-teman blogger yang sudah mampir dan komen di sini. Namun sekali lagi maaf saya belum bisa membalas kunjungannya..maaf yaaa [tolong dimaafkan saja yaaa, biar bisa pindahan dengan tenang :P ....]

Tapi sebelumnya, saya mau berbagi crita dulu yaa...[dasar blogger!!]. Kemarin, seperti biasa di ruang chatting, saat ngobrol gak jelas dengan teman-teman lama, saya diramal,,ramalan sifat aja sih..nah hasil ramalannya saya posting di sini yah..maaf saya cuma pasang yang virgo saja, karena bintang saya virgo. Jadi buat yang bintangnya virgo, selamat mencucokkan yaaa!!! yay! hidup virgooo!!!


Time is precious for Virgo man and if you make him wait, he will consider
that as an insult. He hates to hear criticism and hates to be criticize. If
he is criticizing other people, then he must be influenced by other Zodiac.
He is and he likes to be a perfectionist. He always think he is doing the
right and appropriate thing , and often he thinks he makes no mistake. He is
a bright guy and could accept comments if he thinks it can improve himself.
He is the type who well adjusted to make changes.

He will spent money carefully and spent it worthwhile. He will only
extravagant for his personnel pleasure only. He is quite romantic, a type of
guy who can drive 100 miles just to tell you how much he misses you. If he
does not care about you, he will not even spent a dime to call you locally.
Long distant special low rate call is also out of the question.

He hates rough and crude people. His woman has to be clean and dress well.
He inspects any thing in details beside being a perfectionist, so you could
be lying in your bikini with a perfect figure and he can suddenly comments
you about your big feet. If you gain 2 pounds , he may comments you are
getting too fat. Before going out with this kind of guy, look at yourself
head to toe in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really and entirely
ready. Unless he dates a model, then he will have less comments.

He is neat and tidy, so his life always in a schedule, a fix time to lunch,
the same time to go home. He is well knowledge about food and conscious
about nutrition, so you won't see this guy eating a junk food, or strange
and exotic food for sure.

You will see him in social events or party if only necessary. He is gifted
with acting, so if he says he can not go out with you because he is sick,
then you will belief him. He is a hard to please when it comes to what to
eat, how to work, what kind of a woman to date. He always neat and tidy all
the times, even if he is in the army, he will be the cleanest soldier in the
camp. He likes to speak properly with no slang. He hates laziness and lazy
people. He always act like a boring mature adults, but getting to know him ,
you will know he has his own charm.

He always see things clearly, so he is not the type to be blinded by love.
He is a kind and cool guy, but if constantly irritate with rudeness,
ignorant, or stupidity then he will show you that he is annoyed. You may see
a guy in this Zodiac dress up in an old shirt and old Jean, but if you look
carefully, you will see that his hair is neat and unconsciously he will
touch his hair a lot. His desk is always neat and if he sees small scrap
paper on the floor, he will pick it up or put it in the basket.

People may think he is selfish, because when he says "No", he really means
it. Any favor asked , he will help but always in his own limit. The more he
see faults in others, the less he wants people to see his. If you want him
to change his faults, try to tell him gently or he could take it as an

He wants love that comes with quality, so he only has a few loves in his
life. Woman's trick will not work with him. If he breaks up with a woman, he
will also try to avoid all her friends and her environments too. He is very
picky and every breaking up, he will be double careful next time.

He can sweep woman with his charm, but he likes to keep his relationship
like a friend. He likes a sincere self confident woman, neat and clean,
perfect and tidy. A real two "P" , picky and perfectionist Zodiac.


She will be similar to Leo woman in appearance. A slim woman who walks with
confident and proud. She has an egg shape facial structure, high and round
forehead. She likes to look straight as if she is searching. She is not a
pretentious type and will always say what she thinks.

You will see Virgo woman walks fast. She will try her best to be perfect, to
look perfect and to feel perfect even though there is no such perfection.
She is very delicate of what and how she dress. She is bright and easily
despair with obstacles. She likes smart guy who will be compatible with her,
so if you are a rich dumb guy, you can forget about her right now.

She is not a very possessive or jealous person for she expect respect from
her love one. She does not like a part time lover, or a temporary mate. If
she finds her dream man, she will not go away. If she does not like you, she
will always keep a certain distant. Act proper and appropriate is her

She does not like and can not stand bad languages, cursing words or phrase.
She likes a gentleman who open the doors for her. She wants to feel
protected and when a man taking care of her, she will feel like a complete

She memorizes everything about other people and about herself very well. She
can really keep secret, you can trust her on this. She likes a refreshing
and a mild scent. She is very delicate in maintaining her beauty, so you
could see she is seriously picking soap which match and most suit her skin.
Do not comments her on this very picky habits, it is her happiness in
working full times as a self beautifier.

She is not an innocent angel for sometimes she can be as tough as steel.
Even she easily despair, she is not the type to cry over it. She is a shy
type, so making speech in front of the room can make her nervous even she
walks and talks confidently.

She only search for true love , not just any love. Her love is an ideal one.
She likes to think no one is neater and as effective as her, which can
irritate you sometimes for there is no such thing. She likes sweet talk, but
she can slip and say something unpredictable and unbearable to you too. When
she stops getting mad, she will totally forget what she just said and be an
angle again. If you have a date with her , you'd better be there on time.

Flowers and sweet word can calm her down. If you want to say sorry , make it
brief and straight forward. Do not drag your apologetic words into a long
making it up events, it could lead you to another world war. She likes her
man to dress nice and clean. She is good in details especially with money.
Do not make she thinks that she is a clown or funny.

In the beginning of knowing her, please try not to glance at other pretty
woman so much. Early period of dating her, try not to hold her so much in
public, it would not be a proper thing to do. She loves books, stage play
and music and likes to criticize about them too.

Criticism woman is her icon including big and small things in life starting
from your hair, your dress , and the way you talk. If you are in love with
her, be as almost perfect as your can.

[PS: buat si ibu peramal, tengkyu ya Bu saya jadi ada bahan postingan :P]

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baca selengkapnya... kalau Virgo pulang kampung [selamanya]

Kereta Api apa Pesawat Gies?

"hmm.. jadi kapan kamu pulang nak?, naik apa pulangnya? Cepet beli tiket yaa.."
"ya biasa, naik kereta, naik apalagi bunda sayang?"
"lho? Ko kereta? Jangan deh pesawat aja yaa!"
"aah, gak mau ah, naik pesawat serem!"
"Gies! Naik pesawat yaa! Lagian sekarang tuh musim hujan.."
"justru musim ujan, jadi takut naik pesawat"
"tapi naik kereta banyak longsor di mana-mana nantinya.."
"dengerin dulu, naik kereta lama gies, belum lagi kamu sendirian, 11 jam lagi!! Kalau ada banjir,longsor?!! Gmana? kawatirnya jadi 11 jam lamanya, itu klo gak telat, kalo telat? Nambah lagi"
"iya, tapi klo pesawat cuma sejam nak, gak perlu lama-lama"
"tapi …"
"ah sudah, kamu susah dikasih taunya, pikir lagi ya nak!"

Ya, itulah percakapan klasik antara saya dan ibu setiap kali saya akan pulang. Pesawat apa kereta? Ibu ingin saya pergi dengan pesawat, dan saya cinta sekali dengan kereta. Hmm..gak sih sebenarnya saya takut sekali naik pesawat..iya walaupun saya tahu, pesawat lebih cepat, praktis, belum lagi pramugarinya yang ramah-ramah membagikan permen dan makanannya yang gratis [eh tapi makanan sudah gak gratis lagi ya, kalo gak salah?] tapi tetap saja, saya emoh naik pesawat.

Tidak, saya tidak punya pengalaman buruk dengan pesawat. Malahan pengalaman buruk justru saya alami ketika saya naik kereta, keretanya anjlok ditengah malam gelap gulita. Alhamdulillah tidak ada korban jiwa, cuma yah, lumayan lecet-lecet dikit. Tapi hei, itu tidak membuat saya berani naik pesawat.

Tapi bukan berarti saya tidak pernah naik pesawat, karena pernah, saya jadi tahu betapa dahsyatnya teror yang terjadi di batin saya ketika saya berada di dalam sebuah kapsul raksasa itu dan melayang-melayang di udara dalam waktu sejam!! Pengalaman pertama dengan pesawat, adalah saat saya liburan lulusan SMP di jakarta, karena harus cepat pulang untuk urusan ttd sttb, mau gak mau saya harus pulang naik pesawat, dan itu, sendirian!

Oke, pertama melewati pintu sensor [apa ya namanya?] saya masih belum merasakan apa-apa, santai. Kedua, meja cek in, tiket ok, ransel tidak perlu masuk bagasi, ringan aja ko. Tahap kedua, cool cool ajah. Di boarding room, nice. Keempat, saat saya harus melewati sebuah terowongan penghubung antara boarding room dengan pesawat, di sini sama sekali gak cool. Tiba-tiba kepala pusing, keringat dingin, dan mual-mual menyerang saya. Stress! Sampai sampai saya harus menghentikan langkah saya dan mencoba menarik nafas sedalam-dalamnya dan berpikir," balik aja ah, gak jadi pulang, gak usah ttd sttb." Belum sempat balik, seseorang mendekati saya,

"kenapa dek? "
"ee ga pa pa mas, ga ada apa apa kok"
"tapi ko pucat gitu, pertama kali naik pesawat ya?"
"hmm..gak apa-apa ko, eh iya pertama kali"
"sini deh dibantuin bawa tasnya"

Hee, si Mas langsung aja maen bawa tas saya dan langsung berjalan lagi mendekati pintu pesawat. Tadi yang awalnya saya panik takut naik pesawat, saya jadi panik takut tas saya hilang, disitu ada titipan nenek saya, dan kalau hilang, wah! Ga tau deh!

Terpaksa saya ikuti si Mas memasuki pintu pesawat. Dingin, itu yang pertama kali saya rasakan ketika pertama kali memasuki ruangan kapsul raksasa itu. Setelah menanyakan nomor kursi saya dan meletakkan ransel saya di tempatnya, dia permisi dan menghilang diantara sesaknya orang-orang lain yang sedang sibuk mencari tempatnya. Saya duduk, pasang seatbelt, sambil mengulum permen pemberian si mbak pramugari. Dan sejam kemudian, pesawat pun mendarat dengan mulusnya di Djuanda Surabaya.

See, nothing happened! Lancar lancar saja. Tapi tetap saja saya berjanji dalam hati, "tidak mau lagi naik pesawat!" bukan karena ada pengalaman buruk di dalam pesawat, tapi hanya karena takut saja. Cuma takut. Karena saking takutnya, saya sempet menelan bulet bulet permen di mulut saat pesawat take off, dan hampir tersedak karenanya..pesawatnya dan perjalanannya memang baik-baik saja, tapi saya tidak baik-baik saja di dalamnya.

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baca selengkapnya... Kereta Api apa Pesawat Gies?

dengan sendiri

Hmm…hari ini, sabtu ini, Dia masih belum bisa datang. "Tidak apa, itu tugas dan aku tahu kamu baik-baik saja, tidak apa" …hmm…menelpon seorang sahabat pun sama saja, dia belum bisa datang, "ada acara kawinan malam ini, jadi gw baru bisa datang besok" hmm besok, I see…pakai sendal kerincing, tas jerami, dan sweeter hijau, pasang senyum dan siap pergi…

Kembali mendung seperti kemarin, dan tetap macet seperti wiken wiken yang lain, di temani Dido bersenandung [I've still got sand in my shoes, and I can't shake the thought of you] kuputar haluan memasuki satu pelataran parkir [I should get on, forget you. But why would I want to, I know we said goodbye..Anything else would've been confused but I wanna see you again] berhenti dan diam disebuah pojokan setelah seseorang meneriakkan peluitnya tanda parkir. Putar kunci dan seketika Dido membisu..

Memasuki keramaian, dengan wajah-wajah samar kubiarkan mengabur lewat begitu saja, kali ini aku tidak mencari siapapun, karena di sini aku tahu tak akan menemukannya. Suara langkah kaki, bisikan-bisikan, senandung berbeda di setiap sudut, ramai namun terasa begitu hening.

Sedikit bergegas, sedikit tertahan kuinjakkan kaki memasuki sebuah toko buku. Kecil, sempit, sesak dengan buku, sepi, nyaman. Tidak ada, tidak ada yang kucari pasti, hanyalah tumpukan buku, aroma buku dan sentuhan kertas diujung jari terasa begitu menenangkan…

Oh, penulis Prey itu mengeluarkan novel barunya, hmm..tapi tidak. Bukan ini yang kucari. Buku kecil, besar, warna warni, hitam putih, kuning, silih berganti. Hei! Shopaholics!! Aahhhh "..and sister" sudah punya... Hahaha judul yang lucu, " Size 12 is Not Fat!" hmm Meg Cabot..i love Meg Cabot!! Naahh…ini nanti saja. Albom, Mitch Albom…siapa ya? Sepertinya pernah baca, ah! Ya, "Tuesdays with Morrie" suka banget buku itu! Sekarang sudah kutemukan yang kucari…"For One More day by Mitch Albom"

Bunyi mesin cash register mengakhiri lamunanku mengingat-ingat buku Albom yang pernah kubaca sebelumnya, "terimakasih mbak, ini kartu dan bukti pembayarannya" "oh iyah, terimakasih"...

“Begitu banyak orang menjalani hidup mereka tanpa makna sama sekali, mereka seperti separuh terlelap, bahkan meskipun mereka sedang sibuk mengerjakan sesuatu yang menurut mereka penting. Ini karena mereka memburu sasaran-sasaran yang salah. Satu-satunya cara agar hidup ini menjadi bermakna adalah mengabdikan diri untuk menyayangi orang lain, mengabdikan diri bagi masyarakat di sekitar kita, dan mengabdikan diri untuk menciptakan sesuatu yang memberi kita tujuan serta makna”
“Tuesday With Morrie - Mitch Albom"

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baca selengkapnya... dengan sendiri

Senang sekali rasanya kemarin bisa blogwalking lagi, setelah beberapa hari hujan terus menerus rasanya beraaat sekali mau blogwalking. Rupanya akhir-akhir ini banyak postingan senada dengan postingan mellow di blog ini beberapa hari yang lalu. Mungkin terlalu gawat mellownya sampai-sampai beberapa teman jadi kawatir…

Sungguh! saya baik-baik saja, saya hidup, tidak sakit, bernafas dan tersenyum. Hanya saja, yaa sedikit pe em es [sediiikiiiittt, sedikit sekali!]. Tapi maaf kalau sudah membuat beberapa teman kawatir. maaf....

Namun, seperti yang sudah saya katakan tadi, ternyata banyak sekali postingan bernada serupa. Mulai dari mbak Ani yang terluka [sabar ya mbak, katanya waktu bisa menyembuhkan luka, sedahsyat apapun luka itu]. mBak Tia dengan Adianya yang misterius [ iya mbak, kita memang harus kuat, sabar dengan adianya ya mbak], Inggit yang pussing juga flu karena kerjaan kantornya [semangat Giet!! Banyak-banyak minum pitamin ya bu, gw doain cepet sembuh n cepet-cepet di bawa Bos ke pensilvania, hehehe gw gak salah nyebut kan?]. Dan Senny yang hari kemarin sudah mengalami hari yang berat [sabar ya Sen, itu hanyalah Happy ending yang tertunda koq say].

Hmm.. Sedih koq barengan? jangan-jangan ini semua sindrom akhir tahun?

Ya sindrom akhir tahun atau bukan. Sedih senang tentu datang silih berganti, dan sedih jauh menjadi lebih ringan rasanya saat kita tahu bahwa kita tidak sendirian, 'yes, we're not alone! Definitely not alone' [ya khan Giet?]. Karena itu kemarin saya sudah berpesan pada Nisa, untuk segera mengirimkan 1000 DIMINTIR-nya kemari. Karena dimintir ini kebalikan dari dari Dementor [itu lho, monster menyeramkan yang ada di harry potter, yang bisa menyerap semua pikiran bahagia kita]. Sehingga dengan adanya dimintir, saya berharap semua blogger jadi bahagia selalu….. [hehehe]

[Dreams can come true
Look at me babe I'm with you
You know you gotta have hope
You know you gotta be strong
Dreams by Gabrielle]

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baca selengkapnya... Rainy days, sindrom akhir tahun dan Dimintir

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