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people are a part of their time..

people are a part of their time. they are affected, during the time
that they live,by the things that happen in their world.
Big things and small things.
A war, an invention such as radio or television, a birthday party, a kiss.
All of these experiences help to shape people, and they, in turn,
help to shape the present and the future.
If we could know more about our ancestors, about the experiences they
had when they were children and after they had grown up, too, we would
then know much more about what has shaped us and our world.

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2 celotehan untuk “people are a part of their time..”

  1. # Blogger hanny

    duh, sangat cute, sekaligus menyentuh. i love this one! :)  

  2. # Blogger GIES

    saya juga suka krn itu saya simpan di sini..saya ambil dari catatan kata2 indah, tdk ditulis sumbernya krn lupa judul bukunya..bukunya udah kuno juga kalo gk salah..

    thanks yaa udah mampir:)  

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