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romaji diary and sad toys

‘ I think it’s already time to separate from my old friends-yes! From my old pals- and to build a house of my own…
So don’t be loved by others. Don’t receive favors from others. Don’t make promises to others. Never do anything that requires begging another’s permission. Never tell others about yourself. Always wear a mask. Be ready at all times to fight, ready to land a blow to the head. Never forget that when you become friends with another person, a day will inevitably dawn when you must break with him.

There are two ways of going through the world, only two. One, all or nothing, is to fight against everything. This way means to win or die. The other way means never to win but never to be defeated either. A man who is never defeated has freedom from care. The man who always wins has spirit. And neither one will ver fear anything. But thinking in this way doesn’t make me feel the least bit cheerful, nor does it lift my spirit. It makes me sad.

This sorrow of being driven from my home
As if pelted with stones

Will never dissapear.

(Taken from “Romaji Diary and Sad Toys” by Takuboku Ishikawa, Boston, Tuttle Publishing, 1985)

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