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Harry: When I buy a new book, I always read the last page first. That way, in case I die before I finish, I know how it ends. That, my friend, is a dark side.

Sally: That doesn't mean you're deep or anything. I mean, yes, basically I'm a happy person...

Harry: So am I.

Sally: ...and I don't see that there's anything wrong with that.

Harry: Of course not. You're too busy being happy. Do you ever think about death?
Sally: Yes.

Harry: Sure you do. A fleeting thought that drifts in and out of the transom of your mind. I spend hours, I spend days...

Sally: - and you think this makes you a better person?

Harry: Look, when the s--t comes down, I'm gonna be prepared and you're not, that's all I'm saying.

Sally: And in the meantime, you're gonna ruin your whole life waiting for it.

Harry: (smiling) You're a very attractive person.

Sally: (suspicious) Thank you.

Harry: Amanda never said how attractive you were.

Sally: Well, maybe she doesn't think I'm attractive.

Harry: I don't think it's a matter of opinion. Empirically, you are attractive. (She gets up.)

Sally: (astonished) Amanda is my friend.

Harry: So?

Sally: So, you're going with her.

Harry: So?

Sally: So, you're coming on to me.

Harry: No I wasn't. (With disbelief, she stares at him.)

Harry: What? Can't a man say a woman is attractive without it being a come-on? All right, all right. Let's just say, just for the sake of argument, that it was a come-on. What do you want me to do about it? I take it back, OK? I take it back.

Sally: You can't take it back.

Harry: Why not?

Sally: Because it's already out there.

Harry: Oh jeez. What are we supposed to do? Call the cops? It's already out there!

Sally: Just let it lie, OK?

Harry: Great! Let it lie. That's my policy. (They get into the car.) That's what I always say. Let it lie. Want to spend the night in a motel? (She glares at him.) You see what I did? I didn't let it lie.

Sally: Harry -

Harry: I said I would and I didn't...I went the other way...What?

Sally: We are just going to be friends, OK?

Harry: Great, friends. It's the best thing...You realize, of course, that we can never be friends.

Sally: Why not?

Harry: What I'm saying is - and this is not a come-on in any way, shape, or form - is that men and women can't be friends, because the sex part always gets in the way.

Sally: That's not true. I have a number of men friends and there is no sex involved.

Harry: No, you don't.

Sally: Yes, I do.

Harry: No, you don't.

Sally: Yes, I do.

Harry: You only think you do.

Sally: You're saying I'm having sex with these men without my knowledge?

Harry: No, what I'm saying is they all want to have sex with you.

Sally: They do not.

Harry: Do too.

Sally: They do not.

Harry: Do too.

Sally: How do you know?

Harry: Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her.

Sally: So you're saying that a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive.

Harry: No, you pretty much want to nail them, too.

Sally: What if they don't want to have sex with you?

Harry: Doesn't matter, because the sex thing is already out there, so the friendship is ultimately doomed, and that is the end of the story.

Sally: Well, I guess we're not gonna be friends, then.

Harry: Guess not.

Sally: That's too bad. You were the only person that I knew in New York.

Harry: I love you.

Sally: How do you expect me to respond to this?

Harry: How about you love me, too?

Sally: How about, I'm leaving.

Harry: Doesn't what I said mean anything to you?

Sally: I'm sorry, Harry. I know it's New Year's Eve. I know you're feeling lonely, but you just can't show up here, tell me you love me, and expect that to make everything all right. It doesn't work this way.

Harry: Well, how does it work?

Sally: I don't know, but not this way.

Harry: How about this way? I love that you get cold when it's seventy-one degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're lookin' at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely. And it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Sally: (feeling manipulated but also melting) You see. That is just like you, Harry. You say things like that, and you make it impossible for me to hate you, and I hate you, Harry. I really hate you. I hate you.

Harry: The first time we met, we hated each other.

Sally: No, you didn't hate me, I hated you. And the second time we met, you didn't even remember me.

Harry: I did too, I remembered you. The third time we met, we became friends.

Sally: We were friends for a long time.

Harry: And then we weren't.

Sally: And then we fell in love.

(from 'When Harry Met Sally')

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